Organic Diet and Mental Illness

Organic Diet and Mental Illness

Can an ORGANIC Diet Can Benefit the Mentally Ill?

Our food supply is inundated with multiple pesticides and chemicals, many of which affect the central nervous system.  In addition, studies show that MI consumers are prone to poor health and weight gain (an unwelcome side effect from medication).  After Nick’s diagnosis the first thing I did was convert to an organic diet and eliminate ANY and ALL chemicals in the house.

Cleaning the house is now limited to vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, dawn and salt.

Shampoo and shaving cream are now a 50/50 solution of organic coconut milk and Dr. Bronner’s castile soap.

Signed up with Door to Door Organics, an organic market.  I use this because their produce is high quality and NOT cross contaminated with non organic produce.

Removed all dairy products, reduced the amount of animal fat and went with at least a 75% plant based diet.

This diet in addition to regular exercise has had quite a positive effect on his level of anxiety and restlessness.

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