Essential Oils and Mental Illness

Essential Oils and Mental Illness

Essential Oils Help Lessen Many Symptoms of Mental Illness


When my son was first diagnosed with schizophrenia I looked far and wide for anything that would help.  I stumbled across essential oils long before they became the rage.  Vetiver oil helped with insomnia.  Lavender and Frankincense helped keep him calm.  I bought a good atomizer that diffused the oil without diluting it with water.  I sprayed a 50/50 mix of vetiver and lavender on his pillow and rubbed it directly on his feet to help him sleep.

This is the diffuser I bought….its very good and the company really stands behind their product: I bought the aroma ace model.

This is where I buy all my oils…if you buy in bulk it is cheaper:


This is the book I use for application and dosage:


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