Consult a Nutritionist to Reduce Symptoms of Mental Illness

Consult a Nutritionist to Reduce Symptoms of Mental Illness

A Good Nutritionist is a Must Have


Did you know that most people suffering from mental illness are lacking magnesium, B-12, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and essential amino acids?  These nutrients have a direct effect on the severity of many symptoms. Does that mean go out and buy a bunch of supplements and guess at the dosage?  NO WAY!! You can do real harm just guessing.  Many of these supplements can interact with anti-psychotics.

Ask your medical provider to recommend a qualified nutritionist.  Get base line blood work done before you see him/her.  Make sure you have a list of all meds the patient is currently on as well as any they have taken in the past.  Document all symptoms, the severity and how often they occur before AND after your scheduled visit.  Of all the Meds my son took, properly dosed supplements helped ease his symptoms the most.

Below is a link to a very good article on psychiatry and supplements.


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