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The Mentally Ill Diagnosis: A guessing game

The Mentally Ill Diagnosis: A guessing game

How is a Diagnosis of Mental Illness Made?  Hint….Its a cross between a checklist and a Ven diagram.

There is no test for mental illness.  No blood work or cat scan or anything for that matter can identify this debilitating disease.  When my son landed in the psyche ward the first time the staff ran a tox screen.  When that came back negative they interviewed him for FIVE minutes and based on a checklist came back with a diagnosis of stress.  After my son’s third visit to the hospital, based only on a pattern of behavior, he was given the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.  They came to this conclusion by using a Ven diagram.  Does the consumer exhibit behavior X and Y but not Z…Bipolar.  Z & Y only?  Must be schizophrenia.  X,Y & Z?  Gotta be PTSD.

The way the come to their determination was archaic. Why in this day and age is there not a better way?


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