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A Thump to the head……the back story.

A Thump to the head……the back story.

My name is Kate Curry.  I have a 32 yr old son named Nicholas.  Nicholas was diagnosed with severe mental illness 10 years ago. I have been away from my blog for a while now.  Here is why……On 10/19/15 my father passed away.  My dad was a successful businessman and wanna be politician.  He was well liked, respected and networked with ease in all social circles. In hindsight Nick was never comfortable, he seemed to want to shake himself like old snakeskin and absorb my fathers persona.

Prior to my fathers death Nick had been homeless by choice.  He demanded that he be in control of himself.  He could not or would not comply with basic house rules.  There was so much interior conflict neither of us could survive.  Nick chose to leave after I asked him to…..

At my fathers funeral reception, in full blown psychosis, Nick assumed my fathers persona by taking his wallet on a very high end hotel/shopping spree.  The damage was in 5 figures.

I had my mother press charges.  I called our attorney hoping that this would be the break I had been waiting for.  We petitioned the court for parole instead of probation.  Parole has terms that must be met.  The terms we asked for included mandatory long term mental health care.  We were granted our petition….BUT…..Nick chose to sit in prison for 22 months rather than get help.

Fast forward to 3/17……I have a court date scheduled in May for guardianship.  BUT before I can get heard by the civil judge on guardianship, the criminal judge decides to cancel his parole terms and free him.  My lawyer was stunned. The DA, the prison social worker, all parties that came in contact with Nick knew how sick he was and admitted it AND still just dropped him off at a train station.

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